"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork." - Colin Powell.

We are a team of young, energetic and passionate dreamers who combined their entrepreneurial ideas to create a cool company that gives

'wheels to your dreams'.

We are based in Dubai Investment Park 2 and have victoriously completed numerous projects for some of the biggest names in the market.

If you have an existing business or if you are planning to start a new business, with a plan to make it mobile or modular, we are the befitting team to talk to.   No matter what your industry is, F&B, retail, beauty & cosmetics, healthcare, fashion, pet grooming, salon & spa, grocery, fish & meat, or anything, talk to us, we are game for it.

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No matter what your industry is, F&B, retail, beauty & cosmetics, healthcare, fashion, pet grooming, salon & spa, grocery, fish & meat, or anything, if you have a plan to make it mobile or modular, talk to us.

Tell us a little about yourself and we'll see how we can help.

Are you looking to own or start a food truck?

Have you dreamt of owning a food truck of your own, or to get into the street-food business? Tell us what you have in mind and we shall recommend the ideal unit for your business concept matching your budget with the highest return on your hard-earned investment.
Honestly, we have seen far too many food trucks fail than succeed in this region and we can tell both horror and beautiful stories to help you make a decision :)

We manufacture in Dubai and ship to any part of the globe.

Are you a food truck owner?

Do you have a food truck and are in need of a location?? 

We have built the largest database of a variety of events and permanent locations for you (residential and commercial / long term or short term). And we rigorously keep on populating it.


And, if you want to sell your existing food truck, let us know by clikcing the button below

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Are you looking for a rental unit for your brand activation?

Are you a brand marketing team and want to rent out a mobile unit for a marketing campaign? We rent-out mobile units based on your requirement. We have successfully worked with many renowned brands for their campaign activations. We can rent-out units on daily, weekly, monthly or even annual contracts based on availability.

Or if you are a restaurant looking for rental mobile units with fully fitted kitchen also, contact us.

Are you a Community/Commercial Developer?

Do you have a beautiful UAE based residential/office community space where you imagine placing food trucks/ trailers/container restaurants?
Once we understand the demographics of the community, we select food concepts which will be ideal for the location and activate the set-up. We have experienced event conceptualizers in our team who ensure we create an event with never a dull moment.

Are you an Event Organizer?

Do you have an event around the corner and want to bring in Food Trucks??

Our ‘Wheels Federation’ Community has a very large database of trucks across UAE serving unique and mouth-watering food concepts. The food trucks vary in size and cuisines helping you choose what suits your event no matter what the genre is.


If you need foodtrucks at your event, let us know by clicking the button below

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Are you looking to build any mobile business?

Are you looking to start any mobile business? Or do you have a ready running business and want to make it mobile?

Its not only food trucks we built. Salons, retail, Fish & Meat, beauty & cosmetics, grocery stores, fashion, health, pet grooming, or any business. No matter what your industry is, we can make it mobile. We have successfully worked with clients across many industries.


 Or if you want camping or travel caravan, that's also under our belt. Just contact us to see the possibilities.

Are you looking for any modular units?

Are you looking to build anything modular? No matter the size or the complexity of the project, we undertake projects which involve modular units, primarily with shipping containers, but not limited to.


Restaurants, site offices, small residential units, retail units, vertical farming units, labor camps or anything to be built on containers, we are game for it. Contact us and let us know your requirement and find out how our expertise can be of your help.



"Don't find clients for your products, find products for your clients." - Seth Godin.

A very few of our happy clients


"The strokes of a pen needs deliberation as much as the sword needs swiftness". - Julia Ward Howe

Food trucks over traditional kitchens - Advantages

Here are some advantages of food trucks over traditional kitchens: Mobility: Food trucks are mobile and can be easily moved to different locations, allowing vendors to reach a wider range of customers.

  1. Lower overhead costs: Food trucks have lower overhead costs than traditional restaurants, as they do not require a permanent location or the same level of infrastructure.
  2. Lower startup costs: Starting a food truck business generally requires a smaller upfront investment than starting a...
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Are food trucks the future?

In today’s variety craving world, hungry bellies are in search of something out of the box… in this case inside a box with wheels. Inspired from the western world, food trucks have been popping up in many locations in and around the Emirates in the past few years and the trend is catching on. Unlike the typical brick and mortar restaurants or cafés, these mobile kitchens bring in more transparency in the preparation and serving of food and add to the swiftness at which it’s served. Also, a sense of freedom to enjoy your food outside c...

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'Going on Wheels' - Is this only for F&B Industry?

Restaurants on wheels or more widely known as food trucks are at present a rapidly growing industry all over the world. This concept that originated in the USA back in the late 17th century has become much popular in recent times as new entrepreneurs are encouraged to start up their own start up restaurants on wheels at lower costs than a fully-fledged stand-alone restaurant.

We know that food trucks have been trending in the recent times but the question here is that if this concept of a business on wheels only for the fo...

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Benefits of Modular structures using Shipping containers

The corrugated steel boxes that you see every day carried around on the highways, stacked at the shipping ports or rushing through the railroads from place to place carrying goods from different parts of the world to reach you, can be reincarnated into various types of structures of your choices. These steel boxes, popularly known as containers have given a new concept of construction to builders all around the world.

You may have heard of modular construction that has been trending in the construction industry all over the world but...

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